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Asking the right questions- An API white paper on the questions government needs to ask for effective professional capacity building

22nd October 2020

The effective allocation and management of scarce resources is a challenge faced by most countries, with those in Africa not being an exception. Capacity constraints in the number of professional accountants and auditors is often one of the many factors that contributes to this challenge by affecting the management and maximisation of value from public…

Le conseil d’administration de l’API nomme M. Marcel Mukeshimana comme nouveau président lors de sa première réunion virtuelle

2nd October 2020

En raison de la pandémie COVID-19 en cours et du fait que la plupart des pays africains font toujours l’objet de restrictions de voyage, le Conseil de supervision intérimaire (CSI), l’organe qui supervise la direction stratégique de l’API, a récemment tenu sa première réunion virtuelle.

La divulgation du projet de stratégie de l’Initiative pour la professionnalisation en Afrique pour commentaires des parties prenantes

29th September 2020

L’Initiative pour la Professionnalisation en Afrique (API) cherche à obtenir des contributions de ses parties prenantes sur son projet de stratégie pour la période 2021 à 2025.

Exposure of draft Strategy of the African Professionalisation Initiative for stakeholder comment

9th September 2020

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API) is seeking inputs from its stakeholders on its draft Strategy for the period 2021 to 2025. The strategy is the result of the deliberations of the API’s Interim Oversight Board.

The API board appoints Mr Marcel Mukeshimana as new chairman at its first virtual meeting

9th September 2020

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and with most African countries still experiencing travel restrictions the Interim Oversight Board (IOB), the body that oversees the strategic direction of the API, recently held its first virtual meeting.

African Professionalisation Initiative completes its first online learning pilot

17th July 2020

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API)’s phase 1 pilot, that kick-started in April 2020, has now been concluded and has received very positive feedback from participants.It can be said that the objectives of the pilot have been met, with feedback on the relevance and rigour of the content as well the user experience being encouraging, constructive…

African Professionalisation Initiative kick-starts its first online learning pilot

11th May 2020

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API) has kick-started its first pilot of learning content. This learning content has been developed in line with the API Competency Framework under the oversight of the interim Academic Advisory Committee and implemented on the brand-new online platform, API Learning. The content developed is for an accelerated learning programme which addresses…

Your Story – Ethics in Public Sector Accountancy

10th December 2019

We need your stories about the ethical challenges you have experienced working as a professional accountant or auditor in the public sector.

Request for Proposals – Accelerated Learning Materials and Online Learning Platform

23rd April 2019

Please click below to view our Request for Proposals for the development of accelerated learning materials targeting public sector incumbents, and an online learning platform for the delivery of the learning materials. Deadline for Proposals: Monday 13 May 2019 at 5pm (South African time)

Public sector professionalisation placed firmly on African agenda

25th May 2018

Accountants general, auditors general and the accounting profession are collaborating to build capacity of accounting professionals that are capacitated to meet the needs of the public sector.