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African Professionalisation Initiative completes its first online learning pilot

The African Professionalisation Initiative (API)’s phase 1 pilot, that kick-started in April 2020, has now been concluded and has received very positive feedback from participants.It can be said that the objectives of the pilot have been met, with feedback on the relevance and rigour of the content as well the user experience being encouraging, constructive and overwhelmingly positive!

The feedback received is being used to enhance the content that is currently under development, with the next phases due for piloting very soon. This feedback will ensure that the content continues to address the needs of the target group, incumbents in public finance management roles who do not have a formal accountancy qualification. Indeed, participants had this to say of their experience:

“Valuable lessons from a public sector perspective”- Participant #1

“Must do courses, to be done in all organisations annually”- Participant #2

“Amazing, amazing, amazing!”- Participant #3

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