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Aims and objectives

The Academic Advisory Committee has been established by the Interim Oversight Board to service the current academic requirements of the Initiative, including:

Evaluate proposals from service providers for content development work (subject to the requirements of funding partners).

Quality assure all learning materials developed as part of the initiative, by evaluating (a) Alignment to the competency framework; (b) Alignment to the International Education Standards, where applicable; and (c) Whether the learning materials are designed to maximise learning in the target audience

Maintain extant learning materials through regular review and updating

Oversee the development of advice on the teaching and assessment of public sector content


Members of the Academic Advisory Committee are nominated by the Project Steering Group. Current members are as follows:

Prof Rashied Small (Chair)
Executive Director, South African Institute of Professional Accountants

Mr Modest Hamalabbi
Assistant Director: Technical, Zambia Qualifications Authoriy

Ms Neema Kiure Mssusa
Partner, EY Tanzania and IPSASB member

Mr Mohamed Nour
Deputy Auditor General, Sudan

Mr Abdirisak Mohamed
Deputy Accountant General, Somalia

Mr Jona Wala
Director, National Treasury Kenya

Dr Philippe Lassou
Associate Professor, Accounting, University of Guelph

Dr Mariaan Roos
Senior Auditing Lecturer, University of Stellenbosch

Terms of reference

Please click here to access the Academic Advisory Committee’s terms of reference.