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Aims and objectives

The IOB aims to establish a permanent Independent Oversight Body for the professionalisation of public sector accounting and auditing in Africa. In support of this aim, the objectives of the Interim Oversight Board are to:

create awareness of the aim, objectives and expected outcomes of an Africa-wide professionalisation programme in public sector accounting and auditing;

establish multi-stakeholder mechanisms for leading and overseeing the development and delivery of the initiative;

facilitate the development of a communication strategy and effective relationships between stakeholders and potential stakeholders including international organisations, regional groupings of applicable political and managerial decision makers, and national institutions;

engage with potential donor agencies on funding for the implementation of the Strategy.


Members of the Interim Oversight Board are nominated by the participating regional organisations. Current members are as follows:

Mr Ahmed Gutale
Auditor General, SAI Somalia

Ms Keneilwe Senyarelo
Acting Auditor General, SAI Botswana

Ms Rheah Kujinga 
Deputy Auditor General, SAI Zimbabwe

Prof Rashied Small
Executive Director, SAIPA

Mr George Mahembe
Past President of ICSAZ

Natashia Soopal
Senior Executive: Public Sector and Enabling Compentencies, SAICA

 Mr Lawrence Semakula 
Accountant General, AG Uganda

Mr Marcel Mukeshimana
Accountant General, AG Rwanda

Mr Kealeboga Molelowatladi 
Accountant General, AG Botswana

Mr Edwin Zvandasara 
Accountant General, AG Zimbabwe

Mr Leornard Mkude
Accountant General, AG Tanzania

Mr Kanvaly Diomande
President, SAI Côte d’Ivoire

Minister Delegate (Head of SAI), SAI Cameroon

Participation as an associate member is open to international, professional and other organisations or individuals that share the aims and objectives as set out in this Terms of Reference (ToR) and are involved in the development of the accountancy profession. Associate member representatives are expected to possess the technical skills to participate fully in the IOB discussions. For more information on how to become an associate member, please use our contact us page.

Terms of reference

Please click here to access the Interim Oversight Board’s terms of reference.